aFe Power Diesel Performance Chip for Ford F-250 Super Duty Power-Stroke 2001


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  • Ford F-250 Super Duty Power-Stroke 2001 (2001) for V8 7.3L (td)



  • This chip’s simple installation brings enough horsepower to throw you back in your seat. With improved shifting, efficiency, and overall drivability – it improves your vehicle’s performance in virtually every way.



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Increased Power and Performance: SCORCHER HD performance chips deliver significant power gains by increasing turbo boost as well as optimizing fuel injection timing and pulse width. Unlike many other chips on the market that “flash” the ECM, our performance chips receive data from the ECM and alter signals appropriately.Easy Installation: After removal of the vehicle’s ECM, the installation is a breeze. Remove the cover to find the ECM port connections, clean the ports, then simply slide the chip into the ECM. No cutting, splicing, or modifications of wiring is necessary.Six Power Settings: A knob can be mounted in the cabin for easy, on-the-fly adjustability to accommodate any driving situation. The six settings are:Stock High-Idle: Used to reduce wet-stacking leading to excessive engine wear +50 Horsepower +75 Horsepower +100 Horsepower “HOT” (up to +133 Horsepower) Fitment Note: This part number works with ECM DPC-441 code and supports the following box codes: APX and ZXG. Emissions Disclaimer: This product is not currently CARB exempt and is not available for purchase in California or for use on any vehicle registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Performance Chip aFe Power with your purchase! Best for performance, leveling, touring & 4x4 offroad for trucks, SUVs, Jeeps and other vehicles!
  • Verified fit Ford F-250 Super Duty Power-Stroke 2001 (2001) for V8 7.3L (td)
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Height: 2.00, Width: 3.00, Length: 5.00, Weight: 3.00
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Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power) is a premier designer and manufacturer of automotive performance upgrade systems and components. Current product lines include cold air intake systems, high performance direct fit and racing air filters, exhaust systems, intercoolers, turbochargers, electronic programmers, diesel fuel systems, throttle body spacers, and more.?The aFe product line includes over 2,500 applications, which are all designed developed and manufactured in Corona, California.?aFe specializes in the diesel truck performance aftermarket with a line-up of products for these applications. aFe?s Pro Guard D2 filter program includes oil, fuel and transmission filters.

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