Choosing Shocks for the Top-10 SUVs and Pickup Trucks in the U.S.

Upgrading your pickup truck or sport utility vehicle’s O.E. suspension can be of vital importance. Present-day aftermarket is rife with a wide array of options, which will allow for you to take on just about any terrain. Bilstein, ICON, King, Rancho, KYB, and various others are among the obvious choices, so you should go ahead and upgrade your rig with quality components.

Choosing Shocks for the Top-10 SUVs and Pickup Trucks in the U.S.

The following article describes the best-selling sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks on the domestic U.S. market. It should also help the reader select the finest in shocks and struts for these vehicles, while making the actual selection as easy and effortless as possible.

  1. Ford F-Series
  2. Chevrolet Silverado
  3. GMC Sierra
  4. Ram 1500/2500/3500
  5. Jeep Grand Cherokee
  6. Toyota Tacoma
  7. GMC Sierra 1500
  8. Toyota 4Runner
  9. Chevy Silverado 1500
  10. Toyota Tundra

An Intro for Starts

Being a lucky owner of a powerful SUV or pickup truck means engaging in a wide range of different activities, including off-roading, 4x4ing, rock crawling, and many others. It also means towing RVs, boats, trailers, and so on. At times, majority of vehicle owners may find their stock suspension setups a tad too weak to engage in the aforementioned activities, while requiring further hardware upgrades and improvements. Fortunately, present-day aftermarket offers a wide range of shocks and struts, which are specifically engineered and manufactured to soup up your vehicle’s original automaker-designed suspension, thus allowing to take on any road surface or activity. Regardless of whether you may try to drive out exploring faraway desert canyons or to tow a boat to a nearby lake, these shocks and struts will allow for your vehicle to accomplish any task set forth for it.

1. Ford F-150

The finest-selling vehicle is the Ford F-150, as is offered by the Ford Motor Company. This pickup truck is renowned all over North America and the world as that standard of a vehicle by which all others are measured. The F-150 comes with a range of powerful gasoline and diesel engines, including V6 and V8 options, with the range also including a hybrid powerplant model. The rig offers steady handling and balanced ride quality, while offering superior towing capabilities. The Ford F-150 is designed with a roomy cabin, which offers plenty of well-designed features. The pickup truck’s latest 2021 model outputs more than 400 HP, being able to take onto over 14,000 lbs. of towing weight. The rig is offered in a variety of model trims, including XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and others. The F-150 offers an excellent test bed for a variety of different suspension mods.

KYB Truck Plus Series

These shock absorbers are supplied by Kayaba Industry manufacturing company, which has its headquarters and production facilities based on location in Tokyo, Japan and the rest of the world. The products are offered as replacements for the O.E. parts and hardware. Quite often KYB Truck Plus Series are installed together with leveling kits, with the goal of raising the pickup truck’s rear end. Neither the professional mechanic nor amateur vehicle owner will require the use of a coil spring compressor to pre-assemble these components. KYB Truck Plus Series will make certain that your vehicle’s suspension characteristics are restored, while allowing for its suspension to perform like-new. The products ensure considerable tuning; however, the KYB Truck Plus Series are created for daily driving and should not be utilized for off-roading or 4x4ing.

Bilstein 6112 Types w/ 60-mm Pistons

As a company, Bilstein has just begun offering these products on the market. The shock absorbers are engineered having 2.6-in. bodies, being outfitted with lasting 60-mm pistons, all of which ensures excellent performance during off-roading and 4x4ing. Bilstein 6112s are offered for all performance fans who venture over the rough terrain, thus pushing their vehicles to the limits and beyond. The components come with superb leveling adjustment, in order to help raise the vehicle’s back end up. Bilstein 6112s are created to last for considerable mileage, while offering plenty of durability. These shock absorbers are available at lower prices than their Bilstein 2-in. runner ups, thus offering a much better price-to-product ratio. Although, one should keep in mind that in order to be installed, these components require use of a special compressor.

Fabtech Stealth Monotube Shocks

The shock absorbers are manufactured using durable 46-mm pistons, capable of ensuring considerable flow, while featuring vehicle-specific valves, suited for vehicles with big-size tires. Stealth Monotube shocks come with free-floating pistons, designed to separate hydraulic oil from pressurized Nitrogen, so as to lessen shock fade effect during off-roading. The shock absorbers are engineered with piston rods, which are Nitrocarburized for additional strength and durability, with the finish also superseding any and all chromed metals in resisting rust and oxidation. Stealth Monotubes’ piston rods feature lasting matte-black finishes, in order to offer a complete “black out” product. The shock absorbers come with proprietary raised metal / alloy nameplates, which stand for superior quality and longevity, available at an affordable cost.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

The vehicle can be regarded as the successor to the C/K line of pickup trucks offered by GM. Chevy Silverado can easily be considered an all-American vehicle, which is available in the full-size and heavy-duty pickup truck categories. The vehicle lineup comes supplied with a wide range of V6 and V8 gasoline and diesel engines, coupled with an extensive array of 6-speed, 8-speed, or 10-speed manual and automatic transmissions. The Silverado is offered in a variety of body types, including regular, extended, and crew cab. A variety of trim levels are available, with Custom Trail Boss, RST, and High Country among them. The pickup truck is an ideal vehicle for any activity, including work, towing, off-roading, etc. Silverados come with a considerable range of options, including Bluetooth, LED lights, Z71 suspension package, Wi-Fi, 4WD, and others.

Rancho RS5000x Types

The shock absorbers are available as upgrades for stock hardware, being engineered with lasting twin-tube designs, which are charged with high-pressure Nitrogen. RS5000x Series are produced with the savvy customer in mind, being one of the more affordable products in the Rancho lineup. The products feature thick-walled casings, in order to ensure reliability under some of the most demanding conditions without suffering any problems. Rancho RS5000x are engineered to retain plenty of shock oil, so as to guarantee dependable performance under a wide range of different driving conditions. The shock absorbers are renowned for their durability and dependability, being covered by Rancho’s 90-Day Ride Guarantee. However, it must be added that the products’ quality may leave expecting for better by some of the 4x4ing and off-roading fans.

Bilstein 5100 Types w/ 46-mm Pistons

These shock absorbers are engineered with towing activities in mind, being considered some of the most sought-after products for both SUVs and pickup trucks. Bilstein 5100 Series are created to ensure essential firmness of ride, being slightly stiffer than their predecessor the 4600 Series, and also the O.E.M. components. The shock absorbers are charged with highly-pressurized Nitrogen, in order to guarantee superior handling and ride quality, especially when it comes to vehicles which are raised, having big-size wheel-and-tire combos. Bilstein 5100 Series come with leveling options, which can be utilized by majority of pickup truck and SUV owners. However, one should keep in mind that these shock absorbers cost more than average products offered on the present-day market, because of their German engineering and quality manufacturing.

King 2.5 Performance Series

These shock absorbers are named in such a way because of their sizeable 2.5” diameters. The components come designed with special adjustable bleeding circuits, in order to ensure reliable, exacting performance. King 2.5 Performance Series are engineered to be able to stand up to hard dampening, while at the same time lessening operating pressures. The coilovers come with voluminous reservoirs, produced from quality 6063 aircraft-grade aluminum, which ensures plenty of structural integrity, while being able to resist oxidation and pitting. King 2.5 Performance Series are designed with special coil wires, developed through substantial research & development, in order to be utilized on various terrain types. The coilovers come with designed with truncated threading, engineered to offer excellent durability and adjustability.

3. GMC Sierra

The pickup truck’s name became ubiquitous with powerful engines, excellent transporting capacities, and superior quality of built. The GMC Sierra has long been Chevrolet Silverado’s corporate twin, with later models being better developed in the class of their own. The pickup truck features a wide array of I4, V6, and V8 gasoline and diesel engines, mated with potent automatic and manual trannies. The vehicle is classified as a full-size / HD pickup truck, which is offered in a variety of body styles, including regular, extended, and crew cab designs. Besides the entry-level Sierra model, the vehicle is also available in SLE / SLT, Elevation, AT4, and Denali trim levels. The pickup truck is produced in many layouts, including front-engine RWD / 4WD. Current model comes with a range of amenities, including skid plates, Bose audio system, wireless charging, bed-view camera, head-up display, etc.

Rancho RS9000XL Adjustables

These shock absorbers are engineered with special compression-adjustment dials, which preset the shocks’ compression, while having 9 different settings dialed by a proprietary knob placed at the very bottom of the shock absorber. The actual knob can be accessed fairly easily once the components are installed on your vehicle. Rancho RS9000XLs’ design is conceived to ensure greater ride firmness adjustability, all while allowing to employ a wide array of driving qualities. They are engineered to adjust the actual quality of ride from hard to soft, while presenting the vehicle owners with a considerable variety of benefits for taking onto any surfacing beginning with sand dunes and ending with muddy fields. Besides, Rancho RS9000XLs shocks have strong casings, which are designed for retaining plenty of oil, in order to ensure superior dampening.

ICON 2.5 VS Series w/ Remote Fluid Reservoirs

These shock absorbers are engineered utilizing ICON’s proprietary valve-technology designs, created to offer digressive tuning, so as to help attain excellent handling and control under any driving conditions both on paved and unpaved roads. ICON 2.5 VS Series offer nearly-ideal linear responses, especially when it comes to upper ranges of performance, while ensuring safe and reliable driving as your vehicle gains higher speeds. Any driver will easily be able to put tens of thousands of miles onto these shock absorbers, all while pushing his vehicle to the absolute limits, as he is driving over any desert sands or muddy roads. The components offer excellent adjustability, which in itself ensures superior tuning. Besides, ICON 2.5 VS Series come in all-inclusive kits, including such components as control arms Delta Joints and RXT bump and leaf stoppers.

Bilstein 8112 Series w/ Remote Reservoirs

The shocks can be rightfully considered being among the finest additions to the manufacturing company’s array of products offered, while presenting a considerable challenge to most other companies which supply components in the off-roading market niche. Bilstein 8112 Series offer designs created in accordance with the latest technological breakthroughs, while incorporating such components as jounce cutoffs, rebound stops, durable rods, and so on. The shock absorbers offer such improvements as ride control and stability, regardless of whether you may plan to drive your vehicle on snowy plains or mountain overhangs. German engineering is the founding basis of the Bilstein 8112 Series, which are then manufactured in the U.S. These shocks come designed with 60-mm pistons, thus ensuring almost 3.5” of adjustment while you are 4x4ing or off-roading.

4. Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500

The vehicle can be rightfully considered being one of the most popular pickup trucks in North America. Dodge Ram rigs are available for five consecutive models in a row, being present on the market since 1981. The pickup truck comes with a front-engine, RWD / FWD layout, featuring a variety of powerful engines, including HEMI models. The vehicle can easily be used for just about anything, beginning with hauling lumber and ending with clearing streets from snow. The pickup truck is offered in a range of editions, including Daytona, NightRunner, Rumble Bee, SRT-10, Power Wagon, and several others. The latest models are also available as hybrid vehicles, featuring both fuel and electric drives. The vehicle is available in two-door, crew cab, and chassis layouts, having 2x2, 4x4, 2x6 configurations. In general, the rig is reputed to be powerful, durable, and reliable.

Bilstein 4600 Series

The shock absorbers are engineered for use on vehicles driven primarily on paved surfacing, with the vehicle owner venturing out 4x4ing and off-roading only infrequently. Bilstein 4600 Series can be seen as some of the finest shock absorbers offered by the manufacturer, while remaining among the top-selling products on the modern-day market. They are created to ensure and improve handling, stability, and hence driving control, while guaranteeing plenty of comfort, especially when compared to O.E.M. parts. Bilstein 4600s are designed for strength and durability, while offering lasting service lives. These shock absorbers are engineered to reduce nose dives in majority of vehicles, while also lessening body roll. Although, it must be noted that Bilstein 4600s can ride somewhat firmer than the automaker-installed shock absorbers.

Rough Country N3 Types

The shock absorbers are outfitted with 10-stage valves, which are engineered by the company. Rough Country N3 products are charged with pressurized Nitrogen, so as to ensure exacting and precise responses on any types of terrain. The components come outfitted with durable 35-mm pistons, which feature 18-mm rods, manufactured utilizing only the hardest grades of steel, which is then chrome plated for better protection from oxidation and corrosion. Rough Country N3s feature voluminous 54-mm bodies, specifically designed to retain considerable amounts of hydraulic oil, lessen internal pressure, and also lower heat. The shock absorbers offer up to 36kN of tensile strength, while their piston rod seals come spring loaded for better performance. N3s are filled with proprietary oil, which retains its qualities down to -40C, with internal parts having lasting rubber bushings.

Rancho RS9000XL Series

These shock absorber series are offered by Rancho in the aftermarket for over a decade, while ensuring considerable versatility and durability, sought by so many SUV and pickup truck owners. Rancho RS9000XL Series are engineered with adjustability options, which allow for the ride quality to vary from soft to hard and vice versa, thus offering certain benefits to HD vehicle owners. The shock absorbers ensure many different advantages, while still having certain drawbacks. The benefits include exacting control of compression damping; well-constructed casings; voluminous hydraulic oil reservoirs; excellent adjustability; and a comprehensive 3-month guarantee from the manufacturer. The drawbacks include adjustment dials that might break, with settings difficult to differ for some vehicle owners / drivers.

5. Jeep Grand Cherokee

The vehicle is perhaps one of the most widely-recognized SUVs in the world. The Grand Cherokee is already in its fifth generation of production, being available with a range of V6 and V8 engines, including Pentastar and HEMI types. It is currently produced by Stellantis North America, which is a successor to the Chrysler Corporation. The Grand Cherokee is classified as a mid-size / crossover SUV, being offered in the 5-door body style, featuring a front-engine, RWD / 4WD layout. The vehicle became widely praised for its unibody construction and potent 4x4ing and off-roading capabilities. Its present models are available with different cabin interiors, featuring such amenities as SiriusXM, 4G LTE wireless Internet, Android Auto integrated smartphone system, and so on. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a staple on the present-day SUV scene.

KYB Gas-A-Just

The shock absorbers are engineered and manufactured for driving on paved surfacing, with the vehicle owner venturing off the beaten path only occasionally. KYB Gas-A-Just products are a superb upgrade for O.E.M. components, having strong monotube constructions, filled with highly-pressurized Nitrogen. The latter is used to improve vehicle handling and control, all while enhancing plenty of other performance specifications. KYB Gas-A-Justs ensure much longer service lives than most of original-hardware replacements, while also offering considerable improvements over factory-installed components. However, majority of vehicle enthusiasts, who work on modding their suspensions, should keep in mind that these shock absorbers offer more feedback than O.E. parts, which might worsen the ride quality.

Monroe Quick-Struts

The shock absorbers are designed with the required components, which are necessary for replacing struts whole in a single package. Most the of the Monroe Quick-Strut kits come pre-assembled, having bearing planks, spring isolators, boots, springs, seats, and to top it all off - Sensa-Trac struts. Excellent engineering of these components helps save installation time considerably, with the shock absorbers being available compressed before the actual assembly. Monroe Quick-Struts are designed featuring proprietary valves, in order to improve your vehicle’s unique driving dynamics and handling. The shock absorbers are created to allow you to swap out your old strut assembly fairly easily, without wasting too much time, all while ensuring considerable service lives, measured in tens of thousands of miles. Monroe Quick-Struts are designed in the U.S. and made at different locations worldwide.

Fox 2.0 Performance Series

The shock absorbers come with superior designs, made from out of quality aircraft- and marine-grade aluminum, capable of handling any rocks or debris, especially at high speed. The aluminum allows for the oil to cool off much faster, thus making components perform better. Fox 2.0s are engineered for adjusting by using proprietary spring collars, with adjustment settings ranging from 0 to 2 inches. The components are offered as coilovers, being outfitted with linear-progression valves, which are engineered to ensure identical damping force throughout the line. Fox 2.0s feature monotube constructions, which come with springs, designed for adjustment with proprietary compression tools, all in order to lower the tension to an absolute minimum. They can be adjusted with considerable ease, being an excellent choice for performance fans.

6. Toyota Tacoma

The vehicle is a ubiquitous pickup truck, offered by the Toyota Motor Corporation for over three consecutive generations of production. The Tacoma is renowned for its superior quality of build, excellent transporting & towing potential, and superior off-roading and 4x4ing capabilities. The pickup truck is designed in a front-engine, RWD / 4WD layout, while having 2- / 4-door body styles. The Tacoma is available with a range of powerful I4 and V6 engines, being coupled with durable manual or automatic transmissions. A number of upgrade packages are available from Toyota for the vehicle, including TRD, Extreme, Baja, Ironman, Pro, X-Runner, and others. Latest-generation vehicles are renowned for their amenities and creature comforts, including Qi Wireless phone charging, keyless entry, mounted GoPro holders, and many others.

ICON Stage 1 Coilovers

These shock absorbers are designed and manufactured for both daily driving, and 4x4ing & off-roading. ICON Stage 1 coilovers come with proprietary ICON designs, being outfitted with digressive valves, which are engineered to offer better driving control and handling, thus also ensuring considerable comforts, as you are going after higher performance. The shock absorbers come with plenty of both advantages and disadvantages. The pros include superior driving dynamics both on paved surfacing and off the beaten path; the components are designed for regular servicing and re-building; besides, they can be upgraded at a later time. The cons include obligatory servicing if you are intended on keeping up top-notch performance specifications; and the actual quality of ride getting somewhat harsh on paved surfacing and daily driving.

FOX 2.5 Factory Series

If you are going to install these shock absorbers in your vehicle, you are going to ensure substantial improvements in both ride quality and comfort. FOX 2.5 Factory Series come with 2.5-in. diameters, so as to allow for the shocks to have sizeable hydraulic oil reservoirs. In general, this ensures lower operating pressures and temps, thus allowing for better performance during 4x4ing and off-roading. FOX 2.5s come with a variety of different tuning and adjustability options, thus guaranteeing excellent handling, especially at high speeds. The shock absorbers are designed to be serviced and rebuilt at regular intervals, which guarantees considerable service life. Although, it must be noted that the FOX 2.5 Factory Series require complete overhauls every 30 to 50,000 miles, in order for their optimal performance to remain at its peak.

Rancho RS7000MT Series

These shock absorbers come with lasting monotube designs, filled with pressurized Nitrogen. Rancho RS7000MT Series feature hardened 14-mm inner rods, produced from durable grades of metals and alloys, which are then outfitted with elastic bushings, manufactured from polyurethane and/or rubber. The shock absorbers ensure superior handling on both paved surfacing and off the beaten path, especially in comparison to various O.E. components. Rancho RS7000MTs’ designs are based on single chambers, having substantial-size pistons, thus offering reliable driving dynamics and exacting controls on and off road. The shock absorbers come plated in chromium and zinc, in order to ensure plenty of protection against corrosion and rust. RS7000MTs will guarantee excellent responsiveness, especially if your vehicle has been outfitted with bigger-size wheels and tires.

7. GMC Sierra 1500

The pickup truck is one of the long-running twin models of the Chevy Silverado, while offering plenty of power, innovative designs, and excellent off-roading and towing capabilities. The Sierra 1500 comes outfitted with a wide array of turbocharged I4, V6, and also V8 engines, which deliver the necessary horsepower, while helping save plenty of fuel. The vehicle is renowned for its premium edge on the professional attitude. A wide range of cab options and bed lengths is available for the Sierra 1500, with its Denali model offering the penultimate in luxury and development. Besides, the latest model also comes outfitted with a superb MultiPro tailgate, which separates it from the rest. There are many different activities that you may want to engage in your Sierra 1500, beginning with braving deserts and ending with plowing snow, with the vehicle always offering its best.

Eibach Pro-Truck Coilovers

The shock absorbers come with proprietary ERO Off-Road Race Springs, featuring adjustable threaded perches, specifically designed to handle considerable loads, while ensuring maximum clearance. High-quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum is utilized in machining Eibach Pro-Truck Coilovers, which is then anodized to prevent oxidation and/or pitting. The components are engineered with potent 46-mm pistons, inserted into monotube bodies, which are then filled with pressurized Nitrogen gas. Variable-force valving is used within the Pro-Trucks, which ensures superior performance on any terrain. The shock absorbers are tested on accurate and precise dynamometers, in order to ensure exacting performance and lasting reliability. HD bushing systems are used in dampening the Eibach Pro-Truck Coilovers, which are then cycle tested for greater reliability.

Pro Comp Black Series 2.75 Coilovers

The coil-over shock absorbers are designed to increase your vehicle’s front lift by more than 2.5 inches of space. Pro Comp’s technicians assemble these components by hand, while paying considerable attention to precision and details. Black Series 2.75s come with oversized 2.75-in. monotube bodies, which are zinc plated for further protection from rust and oxides. Because of proprietary designs, greater volumes of hydraulic oil are used to fill them, thus lowering both friction and temperature. Pure Nitrogen is used to pressurize the final-user products, which allows for better performance on any terrain. Heavy-duty steel spherical bearings, lined with high-quality Teflon liners, are used for mounting the Black Series 2.75s, so as to eliminate any deflection. Finally, the shock absorbers undergo special valving and tuning, thus ensuring excellent driving both on- and off-roads.

Skyjacker Hydro 7000

Skyjacker Hydro 7000 are high-quality products, which come engineered with proprietary velocity-sensitive valves. The shock absorbers are specifically designed to regulate the suspension spring compression and expansion, while controlling the kinetic energy stored within the springs. Skyjacker Hydro 7000s should be mounted with the main body facing down, thus enabling the necessary hydraulic action. Special orifice discs are supplied with the shock absorbers, with the final-user products featuring durable leak-proof seals. Skyjacker Hydro 7000s’ pistons are iron-bonded parts, featuring durable piston rods, which come chrome plated for protection from rust and corrosion. The components come outfitted with elastic red boots and bushings produced from polyurethane. Skyjacker covers these shock absorbers with a limited lifetime warranty.

8. Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is a sport ute, offered on the market by the Japanese automaker Toyota for five consecutive generations of production. It is available in the compact and mid-size classes, being engineered in a front-engine, RWD / 4WD layout. A wide range of powerful and well-built gasoline and diesel engines is available for the vehicle, including I4, V6, and V8 types, which are mated to either manual or automatic transmissions. The truck has rightfully earned itself a long-standing reputation as a potent and capable sport utility vehicle, designed to be driven where many of its competitors couldn’t be. The 4Runner’s latest model comes outfitted with a wide range of different amenities, including Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, integrated Android Auto smartphone system, and others. Besides, the 4Runner is also reputed for its TRD packages.

Fabtech Dirt Logic 2.5 Resi Coilovers

These coil-over shock absorbers were created utilizing Fabtech’s considerable experience in racing, with the components capable of ensuring exceptional performance in a range of different applications. The Dirt Logic 2.5 Resi Coilovers offer superior dampening capabilities, which will come in real handy during engaging in aggressive 4x4ing and off-roading. Durable 2.5-in. stainless steel bodies are used in manufacturing of these components, featuring 2.25-in. pistons, which are machined from billet aluminum. The Dirt Logic 2.5 Resi Coilovers feature 7/8-in. NitroSteel piston rods, with the complete shocks having coil springs, which are cold wound for additional strength. Adjustable constructions are used to make the ride quality more soft or firm. The Dirt Logic 2.5 Resi Coilovers feature 5/8” spherical ball mounts, with 2.50” oil reservoirs, having lasting steel o-ring hoses.

Eibach Pro-Truck Sport Shock (Ride Height Adjustable Front)

These performance shocks are designed with great exactness and precision, in order to ensure better on- and off-road performance for your vehicle. The Pro-Truck Sport Shocks come engineered with adjustable spring perches, which offer better leveling / lifting from 0 to 2.5 in. Monotube casings are used in the manufacturing process of these components, with 46-mm. pistons inserted into the casing. The Pro-Truck Sport Shocks’ pistons come with durable shafts, which are nitro coated for additional protection. The shock bodies are weather resistant, due to the lasting zinc coatings applied onto them. They are specifically created to withstand extreme forces, while ensuring superior performance. If your vehicle is outfitted with large-size wheels and tires, then the Pro-Truck Sport Shocks are an ideal choice for improving control and handling.

Skyjacker Black MAX Shocks

Skyjacker Black MAXes are engineered with twin-tube casings, while offering state-of-the-art foam-cell technology. This allows for the components to compress while the oil’s expanding, with the air eliminated within the shock itself due to the proprietary Low-Pro inserts produced from patented foam. The components come with 360-degree arc-welded end mounts, which offer complete 180-degree directional mounting. Stable Steer valves ensure the primary goal of these shocks – excellent ride handling, control, and traction, with the wheels remaining glued to the road. Regardless of whether your vehicle is stock height, or has been raised by up to 9 inches, Skyjacker Black MAXes are a sure way to go. Their other advantages include chromed shafts, lasting polyurethane / rubber boots, sintered-metal pistons, HD compression heads, etc.

9. Chevy Silverado 1500

The pickup truck is one of the most famous vehicles in its class. Five consecutive generations of the Silverado 1500 have been manufactured and offered on the market. The rig can rightfully be regarded as being that very vehicle by which most others should be measured. A range of powerful engines, beginning with turbocharged I4s and ending with supercharged V8s, is available for the Silverado 1500 from the automaker. The pickup truck is also offered with a diesel powerplant and a variety of environmentally-friendly EcoTech motors. A wide variety of different trim options are offered for the rig, including Custom Trail Boss, High Country, RST Off Road, and many others. It is designed with potent 6-, 8-, and 10-speed manual and automatic transmissions. The Chevy Silverado 1500 is renowned for its payload and towing capacities around the world.

Pro Comp Pro Runner Shocks

These components are specifically engineered for late-model vehicles, while ensuring improved handling and driving controls. Pro Comp Pro Runners feature monotube constructions filled with gas, in order to deliver excellent performance on any terrain, especially in comparison with O.E. twin-tube hydraulic components. These products come with vehicle-specific ride tuning, attained through considerable testing on dynamometers and during real-world off-roading. The latter has resulted in capable multi-stage valves, which allow to optimize the quality of driving for your vehicle. Pro Comp Pro Runners’ monotube bodies are polished and then zinc plated for added durability, with the shocks being clear coated and charged with Nitrogen to eliminate cavitation during compression cycle. This lets the shock absorbers to remain cooler, with them operating more efficiently.

Fabtech Stealth Monotube Shocks

The shock absorbers are manufactured using durable 46-mm pistons, capable of ensuring considerable flow, while featuring vehicle-specific valves, suited for vehicles with big-size tires. Stealth Monotube shocks come with free-floating pistons, designed to separate hydraulic oil from pressurized Nitrogen, so as to lessen shock fade effect during off-roading. The shock absorbers are engineered with piston rods, which are Nitrocarburized for additional strength and durability, with the finish also superseding any and all chromed metals in resisting rust and oxidation. Stealth Monotubes’ piston rods feature lasting matte-black finishes, in order to offer a complete “black out” product. The shock absorbers come with proprietary raised metal / alloy nameplates, which stand for superior quality and longevity, available at an affordable cost.

Eibach Pro-Truck Sport Shocks

The shocks are designed to stand up to considerable loads, being created for performance-oriented use during off-roading and 4x4ing. Eibach Pro-Truck Sport shocks are engineered with durable monotube bodies, which are outfitted with hardened 46-mm pistons. The components feature nitro-coated rods, being finished with a powdercoat zinc paint for added protection from oxidation and rust. Eibach Pro-Truck Sports come with upper mounts in the forms of studs and lower ones in the forms of T-bars. The shock absorbers will be nearly-perfect for stock or mildly modified sport utes and pickup trucks, which are outfitted with big-size wheel-and-tire combos. You will easily be able to improve your vehicle’s stability and handling, while at the same time enjoying the renowned Eibach quality of ride, after purchasing and installing these capable shock absorbers.

10. Toyota Tundra

The pickup truck is the second after the T100 vehicle in the segment to be offered on the U.S. market by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. The Tundra is classified as a full-size pickup truck, featuring 2-door regular cab and 4-door double cab / crew cab body styles. The vehicle is designed in front engine RWD and front engine 4WD layouts. A wide array of powerful engines including V6 VVT-i and V8 dual VVT-i options are available. The motors are mated to capable manual and automatic transmissions. The Toyota Tundra is regarded as being a capable work truck, created to transport and tow considerable loads. The pickup truck has more than proven itself innumerable times off the beaten path, while engaging aplenty in both 4x4ing and off-roading. Over many decades of production it has also become a favorite in the modding community.

Skyjacker M95 Monotube Shocks

The shock absorbers are specifically engineered to deliver fast-responding suspension performance for your vehicle. The Skyjacker M95 Monotube Shocks come pressurized with pure Nitrogen, while featuring floating-piston designs, which ensure some of the most rapid suspension performance on just about any terrain, especially if you are into off-roading or 4x4ing. The components can easily be tuned to your driving preferences, while offering 180-degree directional mounting. Single-tube constructions are used in the designs of the Skyjacker M95 Monotube Shocks, which allows for them to remain cooler, regardless of the pressures or temperatures. The components are capable of providing plenty of dampening between 0.375 in. and 12 in., while ensuring consistent, reliable performance, without having any lagging, fading, or overheating.


Fabtech Performance Twin-Tube Shocks

The shock absorbers come with proprietary 9-stage valves, in order to ensure superior dampening. Performance Twin-Tube Shocks come with closed-cell inserts, while lessening shock fade at considerable speeds. These components are engineered with durable twin-tube constructions, which offer superior hydraulic dynamics. Performance Twin-Tubes come outfitted with 9/16-in. piston rods, which are hardened and chromed for greater durability and resistance to rust and oxides. The components feature 3/8-in. OD pistons, which ensure excellent handling and driving controls. Fabtech Performance Twin-Tube Shocks have thin-wall inner pressure tubes, which are outfitted with thick-wall outer tubes, used as fluid reservoirs. Base valve, piston, and valve components are located in the inner tube, while the displaced fluid is discharged during compression into the outer one.

Rancho RS5000X Struts

The shock absorbers come with innovative patented valving systems, engineered to ensure nearly-perfect rebound dynamics, while also featuring advanced compression phasing. Rancho RS5000X Struts are engineered to be durable, having twin-welded looping, nitro-carburized shafts, and double-tube designs. The shock absorbers are outfitted with Fluon-banded pistons, which are glass filled for greater endurance. The RS5000Xes come pressurized with pure Nitrogen gas, in order to lessen working temperatures and increase service life. The shock absorbers have rebound bumpers and protective boots, being outfitted with self-lubing seals, which provide lesser friction and hence better longevity. Black synthetic rubber bushings are used in the RS5000X’s constructions, so as to ensure more secure and reliable mounting.

ARB Nitrocharger Sport

The shocks from “Down Under” come with lasting multi-deflective discs, which are stacked on the cylinder sides, so as to allow for considerable tuning. Their free-flowing piston construction lessens working temperatures and aeration, thus extending performance while driving off the beaten path. ARB Nitrocharger Sport products come with 18mm piston rods, which are chromed and induction hardened, in order to take on considerable loads. Gas and oil are retained by the proprietary triple-lip seals that incorporate retention check valves, thus eliminating any and all particle contamination. The shock absorbers feature bronze slip rings, which are infused with PTFE, so as to offer better damping, while ensuring greater oil flow control. Their thick-gauge reserve tubing, manufactured from 1.6mm steel, is up to 23% more durable than common tubing, in order to guarantee protection from debris.

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